Sonya Mauldin from Pelzer, South Carolina began her modeling journey at age 16 when she aligned with a hairstylist invited her to the opportunity to be published in a hair magazine and has only acquired momentum since. Modeling has always been one of Sonya’s biggest dreams. Sonya aspired to bring life to the creative vision of artists since kindergarten and vividly remembers writing down that she would be in the modeling business year after year. The strong passion and interest in modeling led Sonya to invest monumental time and energy into researching and studying every aspect of modeling. Sonya carefully studied the behaviors of her role models, viewed television shows focused on modeling, flipped through countless magazine pages and began educating herself on how to be a top model long before she ever stood in front of a camera or walked a runway. Once the opportunity opened for Sonya to step into the role of a model, Sonya effortlessly executed the direction of the projects that she has been a complement to. Modeling is much more than beautiful snapshots and fierce struts down the runway for Sonya. Modeling is therapeutic and provides healing and nourishment to her spirit along with a platform for her to convey the emotions she experiences physically, over the often-daunting task of expressing them verbally. Modeling is a safe haven for Sonya. Sonya is a kind, warm, gentle soul, and her modeling style is extremely versatile with the ability to exude poise, beautiful delicacy, authentic confidence, sweet softness and fierceness.  Sonya delivers exquisite and vivacious runway performances with a radiating and captivating smile. All of Sonya’s analytical modeling observations combined with her professional experience have armed Sonya Louise Mauldin with the essential elements required for a flourishing career. 

Sonya Mauldin proudly, yet humbly boasts of an impressive resume that includes experience and collaborations with incredibly talented and established individuals. Sonya is a powerful contributor to the production process of creative visions with the assistance of highly skilled photographers, designers, and makeup artists. In Los Angeles, Sonya teamed up with Marcus Hyde, now a regular photographer for Kim Kardashian. Kevin Risher (known as Krish), Lance Andrews from InVogue Photography and Jenna Carney have also captured candid moments of Ms. Mauldin gracefully performing in front of the camera. Alana Westley, Key Mari and Maranda Renea are a few of the makeup artists that Sonya regularly joins forces with. Such solid partnerships have resulted in multiple magazine publications and notable features. Sonya graced the pages of Institute Magazine, Scout Guide, and Surreal Magazine. Every Last Detail Bridal Blog and Fashion Designer, Flynn Skye’s blog feature stunning images of Sonya. Designer Elinor Katharine, a Greenville native recently selected Sonya as the latest canvas to showcase her elaborate and elegant works of art. Kohl’s, Hamrick’s and Macy’s have incorporated Sonya’s beauty and modeling prowess in their well-known catalogues. 

Sonya is multi-faceted, refreshingly intelligent and savvy in meeting business demands while providing services that empower women. In August of this year, Sonya is bringing to life another intention that she has extensively visualized and opening the doors of “Sonya Louise Aesthetics LLC”. Sonya will implement her passion for beautifying others externally and internally through the services that she offers at her rejuvenating spa, located inside House of Skin on Laurens Road in Greenville, SC.

Giving back comes naturally for Sonya and she utilizes her voice and platform for making a positive impact within her community and on everyone that connects with her. Sonya has dedicated a significant amount of time to nonprofits like “Habitat for Humanity”, whose mission is to provide affordable housing for those in need. Sonya has a vast appreciation for the kindness and support that she receives on her social media platforms and in exchange, she consistently inflicts positivity on her audience. Sonya enjoys posting uplifting quotes and messages as potent reminders to “keep going”-one of Sonya’s favorite mantras to encourage her followers to push through the lows that everyone inevitably experiences in a world filled with contrast. 

Sonya is currently working with her team to continuously create content for publication submissions as well as entering casting submissions for a runway model position in the prestigious Fashion Week productions nationally and internationally. 

Much of Sonya’s focus and energy is now invested in developing and growing her spa business. In the near future, Sonya aims to be an advocate for mental health and share habits and rituals that assist others in their self-healing journey. 

Photographer: Olly Yung

Photographer: Olly Yung


When one is completely comfortable in their skin, self love is instantly radiated...
— Angela Grayton